Hampshire Constabulary update | resumption of firearms and shotgun grant applications

01 April 2022

Hampshire Constabulary update | resumption of firearms and shotgun grant applications

We wanted to get in contact with you to let you know that on Monday 4th April, Hampshire Constabulary will be resuming their grant application service.

We would like to thank you for your patience during the pausing of this service. If we returned your application in December 2021 and advised you that you could use your original GP report with your next application, you will be able to include it. If you are submitting a new application for the first time, please ensure that you comply with all the requirements for applying, otherwise we will not be able to accept your application. We anticipate receiving a large number of applications, and need to make you aware that we may not be able to turn these round within our normal 12 week service level agreement.

Please be assured that we will be working hard to deal with your application, but that our focus has to remain towards our existing certificate holders. We would also point out that, unless we have told you otherwise, we can only regard your GP report as being valid for a period of 6 months.
Please NOTE: If we are unable to deal with your application within that 6 month period, we may need you to provide a further update of your medical history, which will unfortunately be at your expense.

Our suggestion would be that if you have no immediate requirement for a certificate, you wait for a while longer before submitting an application, which would really help us. If you have a professional, vocational or livelihood reason for a certificate, please let us know when you submit your application, and we will try to prioritise these for you.

When you are ready to make your application, please access our online service and start the process by downloading the GP form that you will need to have completed by your doctor.

Any further questions, or issues, please contact us directly via email - firearms.licensing@hampshire.police.uk