Range Improvements

09 July 2019 — Written by Clive

The latest news is that the final 4 sections of the Intermediate Suction duct is being constructed and will be ready to fit within the next 2 weeks.
This will complete the final construction of the air In/Out ducting and will be installed and ready for painting.
Some additional re-wiring of the lighting will also be undertaken by the electrician to complete the lighting supples within the range.

There will be some changes to the club room with the work top & cupboards being relocated into the back of the range. There are fold-up tables which will be turned through 90deg to fit down the long wall to create bays for rifles to be built up on and storage for cases & bags etc. The Armoury will also receive some redesign and restructuring with cupboards and cabinets.

Once the range work has been completed a final wash and paint of the floor will be done to complete the works.

Further planning towards renovating the club room will then commence in the Autumn.